Winner sport black

winner sport black

Your boat will be added asap. 24 Merc, 5″ Hi Jacker, HB698, HB688, Evinrude TM. Setup not complete, should be ready within a week. Will be using this boat in saltwater intercoastal waterway. Looking for any and all manuals. Motor is done up and has hydrofoil. Have a few things planned to try to improve my setup.

I know this boat is capable of much more speed. Would love to see the setup of a similar boat running much faster. All in all very pleased with this boat. 26 Protester prop, 8″ homemade jackplate, Lowrance Elite 5 DSI Gold, Motorguide Brute. Propshaft is 2″ below the pad. Putting propshaft 2″ below pad gave me bow lift and easier steering. 200 Yamaha that needs new piston, probably will sell when its running. I was restoring my boat and they were accidently thrown away by a family member.

Boat is in great condition and need them to finish restoration. Will purchase New or Used from parts boat. 23 Quicksilver prop, manual jackplate, Humminbird 150, Tracker TM. If anyone can send me one or tell me where to find one I would appreciate it. It’s a work in progress but I’m bringing her back to life. I sure could used a wiring diagram and any other info anyone might have out there. Would love to correspond with other “Winners” out there! I noticed a lot of people here looking for owners manual with wiring diagrams, etc. So I have no idea what it will run in mph. I have a 18’2″ 1985 Winner Tournament with a 150 Yamaha.

This is my first boat and I don’t know much about it. I’m in need of a manual if anyone has one. I’m willing to pay even if it’s a copy. My boat runs fine, the problem I’m having is most of the gauges don’t work. The wiring behind them looks like a bunch of spaghetti. Other than that the boat is in great shape. New to owning a bass boat and need an owners manual or copy of any original paperwork. I got this at a pawn shop and it’s in good condition. I will pay for any related manuals or copies for the boat. Would like to know where to get ANY additional info about this boat.

Also, if anyone knows where to get a windshield. Bought this as a bank repo 5 years ago, great boat. Would like to see pics of others, haven’t seen many with dual windshields. This boat is awesome, I love fishing on it and it’s fast. We need more Winner owners to post their boats. Stock prop, hydraulic jackplate, Eagle flasher, Eagle LCR, Motorguide Magnum TM. Bought this boat from original owner five years ago, excellent fishing boat.

winner sport black