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winner 6

DID 6 Winner Name 2018: One of the biggest and most popular dance reality show Dance India Dance season 6 came to the end with DID 6 grand finale. The winner of Dance India Dance 6 announced on Sunday, February 16  and Karnataka’s Sanket Gaonkar emerge as the Dance India Dance 6 winner. The show has given the platform to many talented dancers and this season too, some of the best dancers showcased their talent. The Dance India Dance 6 were judged by the choreographer Mudassar Khan, Marzi Pestonji and Mini Pradhan who also mentored the contestants during the DID 6 journey. Dance India Dance 2018 grand finale episode was aired on Zee TV on Sunday 17th February. But the DID 2018 winner name was already leaked. The dance show was hosted by Sahil Khattar and actress Amruta Khanvilkar. Dance India Dance 6 Winner Name 2018 Sanket Gaonkar from Mini Ke Masterblaster has emerged as the winner of the Dance India Dance 6.

Sanket comes from Ankola, Karnataka and was mentored by the team leader and judge Mini Pradhan. Sachin Sharma was announced as the first runners-up while Piyush Gurbhele is the second runner-up of the DID season 6. The Dance India Dance 6 winner name was announced by DID grand master and Bollywood actor Mithun Chakraborty. The Dance India Dance 2018 Grand Finale witnessed the actress Chitrangada Singh who will judge the upcoming season of DID Li’l Masters. This is not the first time that he won any dance reality show, before participating in the DID 6, he has won ETV Telugu Dhee Jodi. The DID journey of Sanket Gaonkar was like a dream as he was the first dancer who performed during the DID 6 auditions. With his amazing moves, he won the hearts of the judges and became part of the Dance India Dance season 6. DID Season 6 Finalists Here are top five Dance India Dance 6 finalist who reached the final for the last battle. Subscribe and get auditions updates into your INBOX! Not at all, Sanket should have won this n has .

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The judging panel is the table of three primary judges and any guest judges for that episode if one is chosen. Unlike the previous seasons where Dave reveals the one artist who is eliminated from the competition, Season 6 is the first season to feature a major change in the panel as all the judges cast their vote on wins best tattoo of the day, and who goes home. A guest judge is selected for appearance and participation in some episodes, and is usually an expert in the skill the contestants are being tested on in the particular challenge. He or she collaborates with the Judging Panel to finalize the voting decision. A guest judge’s vote carries an equal weight to that of the regular judges. After the tattoos are completed, the canvases for the challenge gather and vote on the worst of that day’s tattoos. While the primary judges have the final say, the weight of the canvas vote does affect the judging panels final decision. This season, the canvas whose artist was voted worst tattoo of the day will come to the panel to explain to the judges what the jury discussed. The artists who won their head to head challenge gather to decide which two artists they want to put up for elimination.

The two artists will then join the artist chosen by the human canvas jury in the face off tattoo. In the seventh episode, the losing teams decide who is the weakest member of their respective team and the two weakest will square off in the face off tattoo. Craig Foster, who was controversially eliminated in Season 3, returned to compete as an apprentice to Miami Burgess. The contestant won the Head to Head Challenge. The contestant lost the Head to Head Challenge. The contestant won the competition and was named Ink Master. The contestant was the runner-up on Ink Master. The contestant was 3rd place on Ink Master.

The contestant won best tattoo of the day. The contestant won the tattoo marathon. The contestant was voted worst tattoo of the day, but won the face-off. The contestant was given an honorable mention by the judges. The contestant was considered to be among the top. The contestant was given an honorable mention in the judges recall, but was voted worst artist by the human canvas jury. The contestant was among the bottom group in the judges recall. The contestant was voted worst tattoo of the day.