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I am an average guy with a passion for OpenGL! The first time I heard about OpenGL was back when 3Dfx released their Hardware accelerated OpenGL driver for the Voodoo 1 card. Immediately I knew OpenGL was something I had to learn. Unfortunately, it was very hard to find any information about OpenGL in books or on the net. I spent hours trying to make code work and even more time begging people for help in email and on IRC. I created this web site so that people interested in learning OpenGL would have a place to come if they needed help. In each of my tutorials I try to explain, in as much detail as humanly possible, what each line of code is doing. OpenGL should be able to go through the code, and have a pretty good idea of what’s going on.

My site is just one of many sites offering OpenGL tutorials. This tutorial was completely rewritten January 2000. This tutorial will teach you how to set up an OpenGL window. The window can be windowed or fullscreen, any size you want, any resolution you want, and any color depth you want. The code is very flexible and can be used for all your OpenGL projects. All my tutorials will be based on this code! I wrote the code to be flexible, and powerful at the same time. I’ll start this tutorial by jumping right into the code. BOOL, true is changed to TRUE, and false is changed to FALSE. Project, Settings, and then click on the LINK tab.

Once you’ve done this click on OK. You’re now ready to write an OpenGL Windows program. 1: Many compilers do not define CDS_FULLSCREEN. 2: When the first tutorials were written, GLAUX was the way to go. Many of the tutorials on this site still use the old GLAUX code. The first 4 lines include the header files for each library we are using. This program will create a blank OpenGL window, so we won’t need to set up a lot of variables just yet. The first line sets up a Rendering Context. Every OpenGL program is linked to a Rendering Context. A Rendering Context is what links OpenGL calls to the Device Context.

The OpenGL Rendering Context is defined as hRC. In order for your program to draw to a Window you need to create a Device Context, this is done in the second line. The Windows Device Context is defined as hDC. The RC connects OpenGL to the DC. There are many ways to watch for key presses on the keyboard, but this is the way I do it. The active variable will be used to tell our program whether or not our Window has been minimized to the taskbar or not. If the Window has been minimized we can do anything from suspend the code to exit the program. I like to suspend the program. That way it won’t keep running in the background when it’s minimized.

The variable fullscreen is fairly obvious. If our program is running in fullscreen mode, fullscreen will be TRUE, if our program is running in Windowed mode, fullscreen will be FALSE. It’s important to make this global so that each procedure knows if the program is running in fullscreen mode or not. Meaning things in the distance get smaller. This creates a realistic looking scene. 2 lines of code will affect the projection matrix. The projection matrix is responsible for adding perspective to our scene. It restores the selected matrix to it’s original state.

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