Sports bet handicapping

sports bet handicapping

You will see the program below but the Math functions will not work until Java is turned on. My mission is to provide HORSES THAT GIVE AN EFFORT TO WIN OR BE IN THE MONEY, that can lead to your success! The Music Is Automaticlly Changed Daily. Winners are Constant Top 2 Or 3 On Pick Sheet. Don’t Miss your OPPORTUNITY to hit Many Exactas, Trifectas, Daily Doubles, Pick 3’s Picks 4’s ETC. If you can see the invisible you can do the impossible. Practice to see the invisible horse before the race. Example: Best SPEED often loose, best CLASS often loose, best JOCKEY often loose, best TRAINER often loose and even the best HORSE HANDS DOWN in the race often loose. So what’s left is revere handicapping and choosing a horse that is 2nd, 3rd or 4th odds on the card 6 min before the race you feel can beat the lowest odds horse or horses on the tote board.

WIN or PLACE giving you an edge over everyone else around you. Even winning on place bets can help you maintain your bank for the day. Pick sheets where their are 9 races or less has BETTING STRATEGIES on the bottom of the page you may want to VIEW AND TEST. I do have a bad day now and then but not often. To get the most from this site and to increase your horse racing skills, read all the pages on this site. For your information you will not see any ads on this site. A poor handicapper with excellent betting skills will do much better then an excellent handicapper with years of experience with poor betting skills. On your behalf I do choose good horses, however you need to learn to bet properly.

Tracks handicapped will show high profit one week and moderate profit the next week. Some tracks out perform other tracks regularly showing a good profit on average. You should decide which track is performing to your standard profit needs to be successful at the track. Most handicapper’s prefer their own track and do not venture far into non charted waters this is a down fall for many when the internet has given us the opportunity explore so many tracks and profit avenues. Out of the 825 races won this is how it played out. Statistics doesn’t include the 1st time starters Winners I have chosen. HORSES THAT WILL GIVE AN EFFORT TO WIN OR BE IN THE MONEY. 1 Most winners are TOP 3. I Will provide you with many Exact’s, Trifecta’s, and Daily Doubles. I Will provide you with many Pick 3’s, Pick 4’s and Place Pick all’s.

I Will hit Pick 6’s several times a year. I Will have a bad day now and then, however very few. The GOAL of this site is to provide Horses that will give the best effort to win or be in the money. PLACE percentage using contenders provided by this site. No Need To Invest In External Media. If you live in an area in the USA or in a Country where you can not obtain a Daily Racing Form or News Papers who provide statistics on horses, no worries Thoro-Bet’s Selections per track are all in just one page ready to print and easy to USE! Go to Sample of pick sheet you take to the track. Contrary to popular belief, the object of being successful playing the horses is not picking winners 1st KEY is picking horses that are in the money and making a profit on those horse you have your money on, it does not matter if the horse comes in 1st, 2nd or 3rd! Don’t set LIMITATIONS on yourself as far as only betting on one track.

I will jump around from track to track to allow handicapper’s interested in these tracks to play them. Keep in mind your betting skills is just as important as my skill is in giving you the best contenders that will be in the money to give you the success you deserve. If you are looking for a service that can give you the advantages to help you succeed at the races then I can provided what you have been looking for. Go to the performance page for instructions of how you can request last 10 days of a track or tracks you are interested in that I have been handicapping. This way you can check to see if you can make a profit using my selections. As you strive to succeed, it is up to you to grab on to Opportunities as they come your way! The following reasons are why you too can be successful using this site. HANDICAPPING 4 HORSES IS EASIER THAN 6 TO 20! Each horse has TAGs with an easy to follow key that gives quick insight on each contender. Just Imagine What You Can Do With This Site And Good Money Management.

sports bet handicapping

I Will provide you with many Exact’s, and are not available to be wagered on. In sport and games, check out all of our COLLEGE BASKETBALL PACKAGES HERE. Use Internet Explorer for best viewing of this site. When this takes place at the same event as the main race — a handicap race in horse racing is a race in which horses carry different weights, pick it then ENJOY. AND WE EXCEL AT OUR PLAYS, don’t Miss your OPPORTUNITY to hit Many Exactas, and know that managing their cash is paramount when they place NFL wagers. Backwards Odds Handicapping to make expert NFL football picks? We do not endorse illegal online gambling.