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You can even write to us and we’ll put a case together based on your previous purchases listed in your Social Club. Special guest hosting your bonus wine tasting tonight! Largest Social Security Benefits Social Security claimants annually pass up billions of dollars by not using a simple, but rarely used, benefit option. This option is just one of my 44 financially rewarding insider tips that I cover in my book, Social Security Inside Out. Recently retiring from the Social Security Administration, I wrote an 18 page workbook with answers to 27 important Social Security questions while divulging 44 insider tips to show you how to get the largest benefits possible. To keep my material up-to-date, I monitor Social Security employee manuals to update this book with any Social Security changes. Take charge of your future When it comes time to collect your Social Security benefits, you need to be more than a spectator. Take an informed and active part to get the largest checks possible. Old dogs can learn new tricks Even if you are already receiving Social Security checks, learn how to make sure you are getting the correct amount and if you can get even more in the future.

Retirement Benefits When should I start Social Security benefits? Learn the pros and cons of retiring at age 62, 66, 70 or any time from 62 to 70 years old. Learn how you can sign up for retirement benefits but suspend checks to get extra money for your family in the long run. Spouse Benefits Should I get benefits from my record or as a spouse? I cover the various options so you will know how to get the most benefits. A rarely used insider tip shows you how to get extra spouse benefits even though the primary worker hasn’t retired. Widow Benefits What will my spouse get if I die? You will learn how much your spouse will collect if you die. In addition, you will learn how the start of your retirement can increase or decrease future widow benefits.

Do I get widow benefits or my own retirement? I explain how a widow or widower can switch back and forth between retirement and survivor benefits to collect the most money from both programs. Learn when you should draw widow benefits to get the most benefits from both programs. Divorced Benefits Can I get benefits from my ex-husband? I explain the rules concerning divorced spouse benefits. Often you can get divorced spouse benefits even if your ex-spouse doesn’t sign up for benefits. I explain whether you should collect your own retirement benefits or divorced spouse benefits or both.

Biggest Social Security Benefits Don’t Be Shortchanged. I warn you about six areas that cause underpayments. For example, over 250 million W-2s never have been credited to any worker. I reveal a simple, but rarely used, insider tip to make sure you get credit for all of your work. Furthermore, you will learn the different times to contact Social Security to draw the most benefits possible throughout your life. Free Retirement Guide Included is a retirement guide, 46 Retirement Pitfalls. Save yourself financial trouble and emotional stress by learning from other retired people. This indispensable retirement guide is included FREE with Social Security Inside Out.

social bonus

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