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no deposit bonus russia

This infographic shows the size of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s Fund vs. 100 – Most counterfeited money denomination in the world. 10,000 – Enough for a great vacation or to buy a used car. Approximately one year of work for the average human on earth. 1,000,000 – Not as big of a pile as you thought, huh? Still, this is 92 years of work for the average human on earth.

100,000,000 – Plenty to go around for everyone. Here are 2000 people standing shoulder to shoulder, looking for a job. The Federal Reserve’s mandate is to maintain price stability and low unemployment. The Federal Reserve prints money based on the assumption that increasing money supply will boost jobs. 1,000,000,000 – You will need some help when robbing the bank. 1 million dollars weighs 10kg exactly. You are looking at 10 tons of money on those pallets.

The FDIC is funded by financial institutions that pay for deposit insurance coverage. The FSLIC replacement named RTC was merged into the FDIC. The FDIC takes control of failed banks and financial institutions, where it first moves to find a buyer of all the bank’s assets, including the toxic ones. Safe deposit boxes, bond holders, stocks, money funds, etc. 648 billion by August of 2009. Subsequent bank failures almost bankrupted the FDIC, so it demanded a 3 year pre-payment from banks to shore up its capital. Wikipedia – “According to the FDIC. This is less than clear, since there are no laws binding the U. The ‘earned’ profits for the big 5 are almost entirely a gift from tax payers. Follow this link for graphic of top 5 bank profit breakdown.

The discrepancy between deposits and currency in circulation is shown above. 75 Trillion to FDIC insured accounts. The high rollers of Las Vegas don’t know how to roll compared to bankers. The viability of FDIC to save a large scale bank failure is in question. This article visualizes the illusion of safety. 370 times more money in deposits at US banks than the size of the Federal Deposit Insurance Fund. EU officials say it’s a template for rest of Europe’s troubled banks.

Silver is more rare than you would want to believe. Silver ever lost and world official reserves. The Federal Reserve has a bottomless pit of cash at its disposal to ‘stimulate the economy’, but the money ends up at the Banks’ pockets, not the Peoples’. The Fiscal Cliff is the combination of tax increases and spending cuts by US Federal Government. This infographic explains Fiscal Cliff’s size and scope. See the size of US budget in visual form, including social security, welfare, defense, health care, education, etc. America has over 44 million people on Food Stamps. Banks reap massive profits from unregulated casino-style betting, and the betting bubble has grown so large that it eclipses the World Economy many times over. 100’s of Millions of dollars are flooded into the US elections through SuperPAC’s to influence public opinion for the purpose of control.