Mino winner fear feat taeyang

The show’s regular run ended on March 31, 2018, after 563 episodes. It was followed by three special episodes that ended on April 21, 2018. This season usually involved the members attempting to complete extreme challenges, such as racing against a train. There were 27 episodes that aired during Season One. These seasons had challenges similar to Season One, but also had solving quizzes and playing various games. 26 episodes were aired during Seasons 2 and 3. May 6, 2006 and March 31, 2018. While the other seasons seemed to have some sort of theme, the fourth season had no overarching theme whatsoever, but rather a different theme every week.

Kim Su-ro Special – Please be fooled! In an unaired incident, Park Myeong-su pulls Jeong Jun-ha’s pants down in front of hundreds of SS501 fans. Noh Hong-chul’s X-Files – Who owns the ‘Red High-Heel’ ? Featuring special guest Na Moon-hee from the cast of High Kick! 1 Park Myeong-su’s Big Star Show! The City – What is the meaning of fashion? Haha’s last appearance before his military duty. Team Leader Elections Infinite News – Park Myeong-su Get’s Married!

Jun Jin becomes a regular member. Viewing of the PD Segments IC members gather to watch and critique the individual filmed segments done in the previous episodes. The Great Design Challenge – Design Korea! 3 – A Fun Day at the Beach ? Photo Contest – Around the World in a Day ? Panic Room IC members are trapped in a Container suspended in the air. Summer Special – Blast to the Past! Jun Jin’s last recorded episode before entering the army. The Devil Wears Gurida not Prada ?

Infinite Challenge Legal Eagles : Be Careful of What You Said! Gil takes Infinite Challenge to the Courtroom! Park Myeong-su, Jeong Jun-ha and Gil have to spend 24 hours on the bungee platform. Park Myeong-su, Jeong Hyeong-don and Gil have to spend 24 hours on the bungee platform. Haha returns as a regular member after completing his military duty. Appearance by Daisy Donovan who was reporting on Infinite Challenge for the UK Channel 4 documentary series The Greatest Shows on Earth. We Need To Be Funny To Survive!

Special appearance by BEAST, 4Minute, Apink, EXO, B1A4 at the end. Gil leaves the program due to drunk driving. Noh Hong-chul leaves the program due to drunk driving. Jeong Hyeong-don couldn’t participated for the latter part of the project due to pneumonia. Members were divided into three to come up with ten potential projects for the coming year. The projects were voted by online viewers and MBC PDs and the top three projects will go into production. Jeong Hyeong-don leaves the show indefinitely due to health problems.

mino winner fear feat taeyang