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Even complex Excel spreadsheets loaded quickly. In just a day of use, you have a new convert in me! I have to say I am very impressed. At this point I have “spreadsheets” only, but will add others if this is any indication of what to expect. I’ve not had this long enough to explore every single function, but so far I actually think this is a better application than excel itself! It is user friendly, displays better, help and tips are better. I recently installed the Kingsoft Office Suite, and have been pleasantly surprised by its functionality and ease of use.

Works Perfect, I will certainly look at everything else you have! First impressions are that Kingsoft Office 2012 is very good, I have only started using this software, have switched from Microsoft Office. Opens quickly, good general compatibility with Office 2011 and nice “feel”! Kingsoft Spreadsheets is the flexible and powerful worksheet software for making and editing spreadsheet. As a professional Excel documents editor, this spreadsheet software can fulfill both your personal data-analysis needs, and those more professional data processing tasks. It features a calculator, graphing tools, and multiple other tools for complex data analysis. Kingsoft Spreadsheets is highly compatible with Microsoft Excel. It can not only import and export .

It also supports converting Excel files to PDF document. Learn more about Kingsoft Office 2013. Switch for a more user-friendly interface to manage your spreadsheet There are two interfaces in Spreadsheets 2013: one is the Classic look and the other is the 2013 interface. You can stay with the new, more user-friendly interface, or switch to the old interface with one click. Increased variety in spreadsheet templates You can choose from various types of spreadsheet templates when starting your first spreadsheet. Templates cover business, education, office, and personal fields, which offer great conveniency for making professional-looking spreadsheets. VBA macro function A VBA macro function for complex data analysis and the performance of specific database functions. PDF converter for exporting spreadsheet to PDF You can convert your spreadsheet files into the .

See how to convert Excel to PDF . Online update An online update function to ensure that you’re always equipped with the newest Kingsoft Spreadsheets software. The ability to share spreadsheet documents using Email. A multiple tab interface making it more convenient to switch between workbooks. The ability to create group hyperlinks that allow you to easily convert large amounts of text into hyperlinks linked to the internet, Email, or other sections within the same document. If there is too much content within a cell, this feature automatically summarizes the information and presents it in an intuitive display. The ability to encrypt documents to maximize security, and more! Highly compatible with all Microsoft Excel files: Kingsoft Spreadsheet Professional 2013 is highly compatible with all Microsoft Excel files. Kingsoft has devoted over two decades to the development of user-friendly office software including spreadsheet software and the best customer-oriented services.