Lottery number predictions

lottery number predictions

Welcome to the lottery Wizard of SANDAVIER! A long time ago there was a great wizard called Merlin, who had great powers. He used his powers for the good of his masters who ruled Camelot. But now, there is another great wizard, the Lottery Predictions wizard from the kingdom of SANDAVIER. Now thats out the way, let’s get down to the nitty gritty bit. Many have dreamed of winning the jackpot on the lottery but, with odds of 14 million to 1 stacked against you, that’s all it will ever be, a dream. So I thought, was there a way I could increase all our chances of winning smaller amounts hopefully, on a regular basis. I believe I have found the best way to play the lottery. I know you’re probably thinking, you’ve heard it all before but, what have you got to lose!

I do not charge you in any way for my lottery predictions, it’s entirely up to you if you take the numbers or not. Every week I will present my selections for, The National Lottery, Thunder ball, Euro draw , the Irish Lottery main draw , New York lottery, Powerball, Mega millions and, the Ontario Lotto Max draw. All my predictions are based on factors relating to the combinations, not statistics or psychic mumbo jumbo. New Lottery Number Generator, Irish Number Generator and. The Euro Number Generator Only 55p each! You are viewing the text version of this site. Welcome to the official home of the Lottery Statistic Analyser. Advanced PC based lottery analysis covering many popular draws world wide. Simple to use, yet provides statistical information that would be virtually impossible by hand.

LSA’s unique wheel system will beat or at least equal the odds of any record breaking reduced wheel when comparing the number of winning combinations covered in the wheel vs. The ‘Lottery Statistic Analyser’ has everything any lottery player could need with over 250 draws worldwide and a live update system you can be playing statistically best numbers within minutes. Lottery statistic analyser comes bundled with many tools and features including. Here’s a small example of some of the most popular draws LSA covers. LSA Pick 6 Lottery Wheels LSA contains an easy to use wheel wizard that provides 1,000s of wheels to play. Plot trend lines over past draw history. Use trend lines to predict one draw in the future. Detailed regression analysis of past draw data.

Per ball placement analysis, statistics on each ticket position. Draw data is stored in text files for simple editing. LSA is based on real world math. To find the free lottery games and list the key elements you need to bring your lottery software to bear. What’s it all about: Have you ever tried a free search engine to locate words like: lottery, lotto, lotteries and found thousands of listings? Even advanced searches for: lottery wheeling systems, lottery results, winning numbers, free lotto games, lottery software, return hundreds of listings each. One of the reasons this occurs, many of these web sites are listed dozens of times and often their individual pages are listed as web sites as well. What’s Lotto-Logix doing about it: We’re trying to limit our list to one or two links per site.

We’re trying to group sites under what they do best, ie: results, software, information. We try to give you an idea what you will find there, ie: articles, news, tips, statistics, books, freeware, shareware, software, programs, predictions, wheels, wheeling systems, etc. What’s in it for us: Our goal is to win the lottery and we hope to reach that goal by helping you to do the same. No one has all the answers to this problem, we hope to bring the pieces of the puzzle together under one roof where everyone can help fit them together. The lottery is like an onion, when you think you know it all, you find another layer and wonder if that is the core truth. What about that lotto software: Some people don’t believe in lottery software at all. Store, chart and track winning numbers. What about those free lotto games: We’re trying to locate and list all the free online lottery games with decent prizes, fair odds, that use real state drawings for their winning numbers. Some people ask us why we don’t list all the games, especially those that advertise a lot.

lottery number predictions