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lacy luck

Lacy White Flowers–Good, Bad or Deadly! Pacific Northwest through information and illustration. Keeping alive the vision of Wallace W. I will spend my 75th year taking Wally’s knowledge into a new dimension. I hope to find completion before I turn 76 next February. Until the book is done, this website will be here for you.

I will post information as it arises. Although I’m no longer creating our emag, the Northwest Native Plant Journal, all the previous issues are still here. Read online, download, print a copy for your bookshelf or to share with your neighbor. For everything, there is a season . Did you know there are over 26,000 photos of northwest native plants in our graphics library that you may use at no charge? Simple, Thanks to a non-profit organization, Creative Commons, there are now licenses that a human can read and understand allowing anyone with photos of a number of topics that may be used by anyone for any purpose for free as long you give credit to the photographer. Also, if you “remix, transform or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.

Photos you see on these two publications are either from our in-house photo library or are used with permission of the owner. I do not identify photographers from our library, but do give credit to the owners of outside pictures. So–if you see a picture you’d like to use, take a copy. On the species pages, I’ve shown thumbnails for our library photos so you can download higher resolutions. I like to enter whatever description is needed and then add the creditation. When you use any of our pictures, add: “Photo credit: The Wild Garden, www. Follow The Wild Garden on Facebook for latest news of the project: “Website-2-Book! Share comments, ask questions, stay in touch. No, we are not a nursery Originally our website was all about a native plant nursery, Wallace W Hansen Northwest Native Plants.

But in 2011, all that changed when the nursery closed its doors for good. I planned to visit a nursery close to Salem, Oregon. I’d found a small ad in the local newspaper’s classifieds offering native plants for sale. Jump to navigation Jump to search This article lists fictional characters in the television series Caprica. Joseph Adama is portrayed by Esai Morales and is one of the key characters of the series. Adama is a civil liberties lawyer with organized crime connections who loses his wife Shannon and daughter Tamara in a bombing. Joseph is left a widower and a single parent of his son William Adama after the bombing. Joseph Adama was mentioned in Battlestar Galactica, but never appeared on that show as he had died before its events began. He was also one of Romo Lampkin’s teachers.

Sam Adama is portrayed by Sasha Roiz. He is an enforcer for the Ha’la’tha crime syndicate on Caprica, using a pair of knives as his weapons of choice, notably assassinating a government official who insulted and threatened both the Ha’la’tha and Sam’s own brother. Amanda Graystone is portrayed by Paula Malcomson. She is married to technology tycoon Daniel Graystone, and is the mother of Zoe Graystone, who dies in a bombing. Given her conversation about Scorpian ambrosia with Sister Clarice, she may be from another Colony, possibly Scorpia. Soon after the train bombing, Amanda begins to have flashes of her past when she was a teenager. It was during those days she had a brother named Darius, who was with her in a car crash on a dark and stormy night. Amanda suffered an emotional break-down period and was sent to a mental institution in the city of Delphi.