I spend all my money on gambling

i spend all my money on gambling

I don’t know if this blog post will reach any of the old readers. A lot has happened in that time. There’s some strips in the can and more on the way. Something that at least tries to sum up what has been going on, where we’re at now etc. So that’s what I’m working on now. Hopefully out in a few days. I guess we start from scratch.

For those of you who don’t know, it’s in the south of Sweden. And what the heck do I want to move there for? Well, it’s a big game company, it’s not in Finland and they want to hire me. I think those are three reasons good enough. I shall go over for the trial period of six months and Kirsi and the kids will follow some months after that. So yes that means some pretty HUGE amount of time away from the family. I’m not sure how things will go, but I’ll keep you guys N’ gals posted. Recently I came across an interesting site. It’s the Finnish version of partypoker.

Even though that link is to the Finnish language version, you can change it to whatever language you want when you get there. Now, I’m going to be clear, that I don’t encourage people to go out and lose their home gambling online. So clicking the link and NOT gambling is fine too. IS your thing then this is the site for you! With over 30 million downloads it makes it reliable, as online gambling sites go. They have great bonuses and even give some free points to get you going. Like I said, I’m not a gambler and I really don’t think it’s the best way to invest your money, so you won’t see me there, but I know there are a lot of people who love to spend their time AND money on gambling.

26th of December Finland gets hit my the mother of storms. Nothing but uprooted trees and fallen electric cable for kilometers around. We were without electric for over five days! I have to admit that I actually almost enjoyed the blackout. We have our own fireplace downstairs and the weather was warm for this time of year. The whole family slept downstairs in the dining room and living room. You can light up a room quite a bit with candles. This blogpost is being done at friends’ house where we’re spending the New Year. I don’t think they’ll fix our internet lines for some time, so I really can’t say when the updates will start again. But I learned of one of our readers, Heather Von St.

Fortunately she beat it and is now part of a support website where she tells her story and helps those in similar situations. It seems that Cancer affects everyone at some point in their life, either directly or indirectly. I lost my Grandmother earlier this year and Kirsi lost her mother to a severe sickness so this is kind of  a current theme right now. Here’s a link to Heather’s blog over at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance  www. Now I want to point out! This is not some sob letter blog that asks for money at the end of it. They’re there to inform and help people! And Heather’s story is a good read even if this doesn’t directly affect you.

i spend all my money on gambling