Hybrid theory bonus tracks

hybrid theory bonus tracks

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What is The 48 Simply Fantastic Country Guitar Licks? Intermediate Level Guitar Player That Wants to Learn To Play Great-Sounding Licks and Tasteful Old Country Style Solos While Keeping it Simple! These easy country licks were specifically written AS SOLOS to show you how easy it is to create your own fantastic solos without thinking about what key you’re in! FULL guitar solos over virtually ANY country song. Licks in-and-of themselves are fine, but they severely are limited if you want to play creative and tasteful solos with a band or with a friend, just learning licks will severely handicap you from being able to play along with anyone else. Because songs have chord progressions and chord changes! When you learn a guitar a lick in the key of A for example, the lick also resolves and finishes in A -there’s no room to flow into another chord change and you are forced to stop in the middle of your lead. That’s What is Different About This! It’s a lick that’s actually a musical “phrase” and it is designed to FLOW into and around ALL the chords without thinking about it or stopping and getting stuck. I wrote these 48 simple licks in every key, so that you can easily play them over ANY chord change and ANY song WITHOUT having to transpose them or even think about where to go next.

These are ALL extremely easy, but incredibly tasteful country licks in each key as the chords change in a song. There are 4 Volumes in this series. Including SUPER-SLOW versions of each lick and solo so you won’t miss anything! You’ll Be Able To Stream ALL The Videos on Any Computer, Phone or Tablet LIVE Right There and Download Them if You Want. With Backing Tracks and Tabs to Help You NAIL the Licks and All the Solos With Total Understanding of How it All Works! So You Can Play Your NEW Licks as The Lead Guitarist! So you Won’t Miss a Single Thing.

I’ll show you the chords and the rhythm we’ll be playing. If you know 3 chords, you can play just about any old-country song you would ever want to learn. I will show you the 2 easy scales that are the foundation for virtually ALL country guitar licks and songs. Instead of just playing scales and notes that sound boring and “lifeless”, you’ll learn the techniques to use that make the licks and solos sound fantastic. You’ll be learning how to use hammer-ons, pull-offs, bending strings and pre-bends and a LOT more to make your licks and solos really STAND OUT! You’ll hear the FULL song with all the solos before we jump into learning the licks. This is where we’ll go through each lick string-by-string and I’ll slow it down and help you understand in a simple way how to play each lick with short but understandable explanations with CLOSE-UP’s of my hands and fingers. If you know your chords, you can EASILY learn everything in this course in NO TIME!

Country Style Licks and Start Soloing. I Want This Fantastic Lesson Package Download Only and Members-Area Access! You Can Choose Later to Get The DVD Package SHIPPED When Available! Click HERE To Take One Last Look at What You’re Getting! The longevity of this band was unprecedented. The history of the band unique. The people they met might surprise you. You might want to save it as a file or print it for reading offline.

hybrid theory bonus tracks