Hard luck hard work

hard luck hard work

Gus Grissom:  the name itself represents different things to different people. What went wrong with Gus Grissom’s life and career? Was he a national hero, worthy of the respect and admiration of his colleagues and the public, or was he purposely maligned by the media,  shamelessly pursued in all aspects of his private and public life? According to Eric Burgaust, author of Murder on Pad 34: “t took a moment for the full implication to sink in – that Grissom’s own carelessness caused his and his colleagues’ deaths. The suggestion immediately recalled another incident during Grissom’s first space flight in July, 1961, when the hatch of his Liberty Bell 7 Mercury spacecraft blew off in the water after landing. As 2009 reaches it’s climatic finale, people are making big changes and doing exciting things. It starts and ends with hard work.

Determination, motivation, perseverance, commitment, and passion. Where do you stand, right now, today? Are you happy with where you are? What’s holding you back from being you on your best day? It’s easy to settle in and let things come and go. This time last year I was content, or at least thought I was, with living a routine life. Content with not rocking the boat or swimming against the current and going with the flow. That voice telling me to appreciate what I had started telling me that there was so much more to life. I can’t begin to tell you how inspired I am every day by so many of you. Life’s too short for shoulda’, coulda’, wouldas’.

And what does it all come down to? Ignore the naysayers, surround yourself with supportive people, maintain a positive attitude, ask questions, stay hungry for constant growth and  learning, always remain humble while exuding confidence, work hard, and at the end of the day, enjoy the hell out of life. It’s a gift we should be thankful for every single day. How has hard work paid off for you this year? Go ahead and subscribe, won’t you? An amazing opportunity to own one of the most unique properties in the the United States, the Hard Luck Castle combines elements of the Wild West with a modern-day castle. Encompassing 40 acres of land and 8,000 square feet of living space in the private Nevada wilderness. This exceptional property is self-sustainable and completely off the power grid. Read below for a complete list of offerings. 4 story, 22 rooms, 8,000 square feet.

Constructed from 2000 to 2012 with superior engineering to last 400 to 500 years. All steel, concrete, cinder block, and glass materials with 16″ thick walls. 4,000 gallon water storage with rain catchment’s and a water hauling trailer. Castle has become a tourist attraction and a landmark in Esmeralda County. Original, but remodeled miners cabin – comfortable, historic, plumbed and electricity added. Wooden cabin that sleeps 4 cozily. Shower House – shower and toilet with modern plumbing for use by cabin occupants. Guest trailer and outdoor rustic shower stall with a view. The Hard Luck Castle is built on 40 acres of patented private land.

187 miles from Las Vegas and 325 miles from Reno, NV. Productive, but dormant gold mine included. Gold mine shaft in serviceable condition. Closed at the start of WWII and never reopened, but still high in Gold content! Total privacy at 6,000 feet elevation on Gold Mt. Nearest commerce center at Gold Point 10 miles away and Beatty, 50 miles away. Esmeralda County is one of the most relaxed counties in the US with NO building codes and few intrusive laws on private land.