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A hot roll at the craps table that paid for an entire Las Vegas vacation. Aces cracked by Deuces on the cash bubble at the World Series of Poker. Crazy gambling stories, plenty of people have them and they are always fun to hear. Like a right of passage, gamblers live to compare their tales of triumph and woe. With the news of Floyd Mayweather’s huge sports betting victory in Game 7 of the NBA Eastern Finals, ADANAI thought it would be fun to hunt down a few other outrageous gambling situations. 9 million on the Heat in Game 7 of the NBA Eastern Finals. He won, however, it is important to put the numbers in perspective. 140 million, which means he bet 4. As of June 19, the Heat had not lost back-to-back games since January 10.

The Pacers had just beaten the Heat in Game 6 and Game 7 was in Miami. Stories about lottery winners suffering serious despair after cashing in abound. It is no shocker that drugs, hangers on and poor money management can lead to some pretty deleterious outcomes. 1,200 Jackpot drawing at a casino. It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? So You Thought Poker Cheats Were a Thing of the Past? In the old Texas roadhouse days, grifting was pretty basic. Card mechanics used slight of hand to deal from the bottom of the deck.

Players came up with contraptions to hide an extra Ace up their sleeve. Phil Ivey or Tom Dwan may be used to that kind of run, but this guy was no poker pro. He sat down to a high stakes game at the Crown casino in Melbourne, Australia with a significant leg up on his competition. Aided by an accomplice, he hacked into the casino’s security cameras, which record every hand played by each player. His partner communicated the player’s hole cards to him in real time from a remote location via an earpiece. Rolls Royce to your house as a token of their appreciation. 120 million over the years gambling at the Venetian in Las Vegas. If not for a good run at the Blackjack table, all of this might never have been.

It was looking like they might need to liquidate, pay their employees and move on with life. Fred Smith one of the wealthiest men in the world. Englishman Ashley Revell did just that. He emptied his savings account, sold every single earthly possession other than the clothes on his back, went to Las Vegas and bet it all on red. 272,000 in the span of 20 seconds. What Is a Gambling Story List Without Phil Ivey? ESPN even did a story on it.

He plays poker at the highest stakes but also throws around big bucks when the house has an edge. While craps is usually his non-poker game of choice, he is just as comfortable at the Baccarat table. During August 2012, Ivey and a companion settled in for a high stakes Baccarat session at Crockford’s casino in London. If the cards were dispensed a certain way from this particular shoe, Ivey would, according to Crockford’s, be able to narrow in on what the card was and adjust his bets accordingly. Perhaps important to note, Ivey’s companion spoke Cantonese and asked for a Cantonese dealer. Maybe there is more to it but if the casino puts out equipment that is faulty and loses because of that equipment, it must stomach the consequences. The casino was using what they thought were pre-shuffled cards.