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What is your favorite recipe for loading your own hunting rounds for the 6. 5 Creedmoor, for deer sized game. I found out real quick like, that I do not like the results of the 123 gr. I know, what most of you are sayingbut it was all that I could get at the time. They did well on the damage to the inside, but no blood trail until about 10 yards from where the deer died, and he covered about 50 yards before the first drop of blood. What are yall having the best luck withaccuracy and performance wise? Hornady Interlock, for my 243 and they do Great! 5 hope to have a good report real soon.

Have been impressed with Sierra game king and Speer hot- cor so far in my creedmoor. Thanks Cleveland48, I appreciate the info. I like the Hornady Interlocks with my . The 140 interlock was a solid performer for me. It also seems like the interlocks are just easy to find accurate loads for too. I read a lot of reviews, and a lot of people said, that they felt that the 140’s did not expand to well. Most of the people commenting, said they liked the 129’s better, so I thought I would give them a try. I may have to get some 140’s too!

What’s the worst that could happen, that I may have a lot of bullets to load and shoot. When I ran them in my 260 I was getting a shade over 2700 fps and always had a quarter sized exit. Talking to the Sierra Rep he stated the 140gr was designed for the 264Win mag and needed velocities to be in the 2400fps range for full reliable expansion. He said I might get away with 2200fps if I hit a shoulder. This was bad news for me since I was using a full stock CZ550 with a 20. 5″ barrel and was only seeing 2650ish at the muzzle. I will be switching this year to something different. Either the 140gr ballistic tip hunting or the Swift 130gr Sciroccos. It’s to bad really because the Sierra’s shot so nice out of my rifle.

Last year was my first year using the gamekings and both deer were shot at the 50-60 yard range, so pretty much muzzle velocity. Prolly why they worked good for me. Never tried a long poke with one though, so I don’t know how they would perform at slower speeds. I figure the Sierra guy knows what he’s talking about though lol. Using hot-Cor’s this year and am impressed by them so far. Interlocks that I ordered, are supposed to be here Thursday the 22nd. I hope to be able to have a good report for ya’ll real soon. Thanks for the reply’s and info guy’s, I really appreciate it, and enjoy it as well. I am sure, that they will shoot close to the SST’smaybe I won’t have to adjust the scope too much.

fox bet ru

fox bet ru