Dv lottery registration period

The Emerald Isle Immigration Center’s highly qualified staff assists clients in many aspects of immigrant life and law. The EIIC prides itself on the extraordinary services it provides. The annual diversity visa lottery registration period opens once again on October 3rd until November 6th for those who are eligible to apply for a green card to reside permanently in the United States. Only entries submitted during this period will be accepted and considered for selection in the lottery. Applications will only be accepted online via the U. Department of State official website at www.

In recent years there has been an increase in online scams promising green cards or quicker service for a fee. EIIC’s Immigration Attorney and Director of Immigration Legal Services, John A. There is still no fee to apply and there is only one official website to register. He advises individuals to ignore any email offers to help complete or expedite the application process. Please call either of our offices if you need assistance with your application. The immigration legal services staff at the Center is once again appealing to potential applicants to apply early this year, cautioning that the official DV Lottery website can get frozen closer to the deadline of noon on Tuesday, November 6th. Regretfully, we will be unable to accommodate last minute walk-ins during the final week of the DV Lottery registration period. If you are a member of a local group or organization and would like our staff to speak to your group on the DV Lottery in October or on any immigration topic at a future meeting, please contact John A. Director of Immigration Legal Services and Immigration Attorney at 718-478-5502, extension 201.

Check our website for additional information and upcoming public meeting dates at www. EIIC Immigration legal services staff has helped many apply who are currently in the United States on the visa waiver program or on a temporary work visa and are still in status. EIIC’s Immigration Legal Services Director, John A. Each year, 50,000 green cards are made available through a lottery system to individuals who come from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. The State Department’s Kentucky Consular Center holds the annual lottery and chooses winners randomly from about 8-10 million qualified entries. About 100,000 entries are selected and given the opportunity to apply for permanent residence. Only natives of certain countries are eligible to apply for the green card lottery.

Those born in the following countries are NOT eligible to apply for the DV-2020 lottery because a total of more than 50,000 immigrants came from these countries to the U. All applicants also must have a high school diploma or the equivalent, defined in the United States as the successful completion of a 12-year course of elementary and secondary education or they must have two years of work experience within the last five years in an occupation that requires at least two years of training or experience to perform. Applicants will be selected at random by computer from among all qualified entries. All applicants will be required to go back to the website to find out whether their entry has been selected in the DV-2020 lottery or to find out they have not been selected. May 7, 2019 at the website www. No fee is charged to enter the annual DV program. Government employs no outside consultants or private services to operate the DV program. Any intermediaries or others who offer assistance to prepare submissions for applicants do so without the authority or consent of the U. Use of any outside intermediary or assistance to prepare a DV entry is entirely at the applicant’s discretion.

The current immigration laws carry heavy penalties for visa overstays. Those who have overstayed their visa by 6 months, face a 3 year bar upon their departure from the United States, if they have overstayed for one year or more, they are subject to a 10 year bar. Successful lottery applicants who are undocumented in the US must be processed for a visa at a US Consulate abroad under existing immigration laws. 324-3039 or on the EIIC website www. The EIIC is a member of the Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers, for further information about Irish centers in the US providing free assistance with DV lottery applications please refer to their website at www. Overview In general, a person who wishes to immigrate to the United States must have a petition approved by U. The petition is filed either by a qualified relative or a potential employer at a USCIS office in the United States. Immigrant Visas An immigrant visa is a document issued by a U. In general, to apply for an immigrant visa, a foreign citizen must be sponsored by a U.

dv lottery registration period