Congratulations you are winner

congratulations you are winner

WARNING: Do NOT send money and you will not be scammed. All scammers can be very inventive. Read more about email scam-scenarios they have used, and don’t allow any scammer to get money from you. Your email address was amongst those chosen this quarter from our new java-based software that randomly selects email addresses from the web from which winners are selected. Nine Hundred and Fifty Thousand dollar. Remember, you must contact your claim agent Mr Martins J.

C,Call him and claim your prize after calling him send your refrence and batch number and all the above informations to his email address and call him to let him know that you have contacted him through email. Congratulations once again from all our staff and thank you for being part of our promotions program. Batch Number for easy processing of your prize. For due processing of your winning claim, please contact the DPU Information Officer MR MARTINS J. C who has been assigned to assist you. You have to note that this program is being sponsored by the FIFA SUPPORT AFRICAN TEAM, to creat awareness for the coming 2010 FIFA world Cup, which is to be host by South Africa. The International Universal Promotion team Congratulations once again on your winning.

SO THAT THE SCAMMERS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET YOUR WINNING INFORMATION. Please do not reply on this email instead contact your claim officer with details above. If you did not buy a lottery ticket BEFORE the drawing, you did not win a lottery. Were you awarded lottery tickets for participating in a survey? Did you register with an online lottery? If YES, log into your online account at the web site and check your winnings and instructions. If NO, you did not win the lottery. Did you buy lottery tickets through an online lottery ticket purchasing service?

There is no government oversight nor an authority oversight of any kind to supervise these services. If your money is merely being stolen, you have no recourse. Never give your personal information if you’ve received email like this. If you received email and you think that’s scam, you can share the information here to help others. Winner congratulation messages refer to the type of messages which are written to somebody who has won something. Heartiest congratulations for the well deserved victory, celebrate your achievement merrily! You have finally won the competition! Congratulations and this surely calls for celebrations. You have shown the true signs of your will power, perseverance and determination. Keep up the spirit and enjoy.

You are the winner of International Debate Competition 2013. You have outshined your talents amongst the group of 1000 candidates. It was surely not a cup of tea but a great achievement. Heartiest congratulations and we look forward for great celebration. It was a sheer luck that you won the lottery. Dear son, heartfelt congratulations on winning the scholarship. You have really made us proud and we have thought to celebrate your victory. You have really made us happy.