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They pick him up to take him to be interrogated at the facility. Lynch picks a fight with a bunch of bikers, and wins. Lynch flirts with a girl using card tricks before meeting up with a rough-and-tumble weapons dealer. Quinn and the team spy on his ex-wife Emily to see if the coast is clear, and they obviously make some rude comments about her. Baxley’s Tourettes kick in, of course. A compilation of Augusto Aguilera’s improv skills. Behind-the-scenes production featurette with Shane Black commenting. He talks about his first time hearing about Predator from Joel Silver.

He was asked to punch-up the script and, to sweeten the deal, got a small part in the movie. Producer John Davis says, due to Black’s attitude on set, he was the first cast member to be killed. The current movie’s cast members nerd out over the original movie for a bit. Screenwriter Fred Dekker also stops by to comment on co-writing with Black and revisiting the property. There’s a loose timeline that takes the Predator from Stan Winston’s original design to the modern redesign for this film. Most of the footage is from the finished films themselves, but there’s a good amount of behind-the-scenes shots from the design process, from sketches and concept art, to sculpting and texturing, to casting, forming the masks and outfitting them with animatronics, painting, and more. There’s some cool behind-the-scenes shots of him going through tests and wearing his full suit for the first time, including the mask and the mold of the head.

Prince discovered he had some issues with claustrophobia and it took him a little while to get used to the form-fitting suit and mask with all of its motorized servos. This is the best bonus feature of the bunch for folks who appreciate the movie magic that still goes into the practical side of these productions. There’s even a behind-the-scenes shot of one Predator actor dabbing with Jacob Tremblay. One minor change you might not have noticed is that the Predator’s dreads, which got a bit more texture this time around. There’s a great featurette of Prince going through stunt training and rehearsals with a ton of wirework and impressive displays of dexterity and strength. Some time is also given to the history of Predator weaponry and armor, all original props from previous movies. There’s trivia here too, like the fact that the laser site is now both a targeting device and a weapon in and of itself in the new helmet. A good chunk of time is given to the Predator tech, the detailed props the creative teams made, and the part they play in the story.

Another portion of this featurette looks at the set design for the film, complete with commentary from the crew itself. There’s so much detail here, like the fact that the Predator’s dreads are mimicked by the ship’s conduit that’s exposed. Special attention is paid to the ship’s designs and controls, which are designed with a very alien aesthetic in mind. Some cool trivia here for both The Upgrade and its abilities, as well as the Predator Hounds. Black and the core cast talk about the team that comes together to carry the story forward. Black specifically speaks to the improvisational nature of the production, allowing his actors to break from the script when they feel the need to. Black apparently shows up with new pages almost daily, requiring actors to bring flexibility and creativity to the role. Holbrook met up with his stunt performer, a former military sniper, who took him through some intense training to get ready for the film. Tremblay researched autism and incorporated hallmarks of the disorder like facial tick and stimming. The supporting cast gets some time to shine too since each of them has a part to play in the story.

bonus wife

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